Health Information Management (HIM) is a vital part of any healthcare system and has a direct impact on both a healthcare facility and its patients. Learn how HIM can optimize your healthcare company by improving patient care and the overall well-being of your facility, including ensuring proper patient service revenue.

The Correlation Between Health Information Management And Patient Care

Health Information Management plays a huge role in a patient’s experience at your healthcare facility and beyond by ensuring that best and most-up-to-date patient information is always available and accurate.

Mismanagement of health information can impact a patient’s

  • Follow-up care - The patient might not get the essential care needed for his/her specific condition.
  • Coding & Billing - Improper coding can lead to a claim denial and incorrect billing.
  • Future care with other providers - Other healthcare providers need accurate Health information in order to properly treat a patient down the road.

Essentially, proper Health Information Management is vital to the patient’s experience with your healthcare facility from start to finish and can help create loyal patients.

The Impact Of HIM On Healthcare Facilities

When Health Information Management is done right:

  • Your facility no longer runs the risk of data loss, which protects data integrity and confidentiality, while ensuring security.
  • All providers, including those outside of your facility caring for any of your patients, have the most accurate and up-to-date patient information.
  • Patient procedures will be coded right the first time, which leads to correct billing, which positively impacts your patient service revenue.
  • Your facility will be in compliance with government regulations regarding patient information and security.
  • There is little risk of miscommunication between:
    • Your facility and your patients
    • Your patients and other healthcare providers
    • Your facility and other healthcare providers

Why Hire A Health Information Management Professional

By now it should be clear that HIM is vital to a successful healthcare facility. But, is it really necessary to hire an HIM professional? Actually, yes, it is.

According to The American Health Information Management Association, HIM professionals are vital to the daily operational management of health information and electronic health records. Their knowledge of both the clinical and reimbursement sides of healthcare combined with their unique skill set allows them to help bridge the information gap for patients and all of their healthcare providers. And, most importantly, Health Information Management professionals can ensure that a patient’s health information is always complete, accurate, and protected.

And, in the long run, because HIM involves medical coding, billing, and ensuring compliance with government regulations, an HIM professional can keep your healthcare facility optimized ensuring you are getting properly paid for the services you provide.

Health Information Management truly is a win-win for both your facility as well as your patients.

Find The Right Person Today!

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