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The Healthcare Professionals For Your Staffing Needs

The Healthcare Professionals For Your Staffing Needs

  • Revenue Cycle
  • Financial Management
  • HIM, CDI & AR

The Best Professionals for Interim Staffing or Executive Search

medical staffing services CFO healthcare revenue cycle management


The right Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is the key to healthy hospital financial management. Nearterm is the best healthcare executive recruiter.

rcm healthcare services healthcare revenue cycle management

Revenue Cycle

Increase profitability and efficiency. Let Nearterm place the right healthcare services professional in your revenue cycle today.

healthcare executive recruiters patient access healthcare revenue cycle management

Patient Access

Hospitals should concentrate on patient access to improve revenue cycle performance. Nearterm, the best of medical recruitment agencies, helps you do just that.

medical staffing service HIM healthcare revenue cycle management


When it comes to healthcare recruitment agencies and HIM (Health Information Management), Nearterm is the only name you need to know. We understand the role HIM plays in the management of patient service revenue.

healthcare headhunters CDI healthcare revenue cycle management


Nearterm excels in CDI medical staffing services. Our CDI staff impacts patient outcomes, data quality and accurate reimbursement.

medical recruitment agencies accounts receivable revenue cycle management

Accounts Receivable

When it comes to accounts receivables (AR), not just any medical staffing company will do. You want Nearterm to place the right healthcare services professional in your revenue cycle today.

Hire Remote Talent ASAP

Alleviate Revenue Cycle Obstacles Presented by COVID-19

Acess Professionals With Secure Virtual Work Spaces

Interim or Direct Hire Top Remote Professionals Nationwide

The Right Person Quickly

We understand your urgency.
Our network can fill your position in seven days.

Need Analysis

Talent Selection

Interview Scheduling

Contract Execution


Top medical staffing company Healthcare revenue cycle management
medical staffing company Healthcare revenue cycle management

Q100 Program - “Quality 100% of the Time”

A customized set of quality metrics to clarify objectives and milestones is established at the beginning of each engagement that combines client project metrics with industry benchmarks.

Quality is not only recognizable, it is measurable. Nearterm’s Q100 Program provides ongoing quality measurements which enable us to confirm that we are meeting customer performance standards.

Your engagement includes:

Designation of a Partner in Charge (PIC) who has extensive, successful experience.

The PIC establishes custom success metrics and stays in communication ensuring all expectations are being exceeded.

Nearterm measures performance periodically against these standards, your standards.


Each position we fill has unique requirements.  Nearterm’s cost often beats the competition and is always competitive.  We continually provide top talent whose value exceeds the cost.

Our highly qualified professionals are trained for these critical times in your organization.  We select people who fit within your culture, systems and operational goals; people who:

Have an average of 5+ years experience

Are overseen by our own former and experienced hospital executives

Nearterm measures performance periodically against these standards, your standards

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Trusted By


Nearterm has always been my “go-to” for leadership solutions Whenever I have had a need for interim management or revenue cycle issues, I have relied on Nearterm for their expertise and knowledge. All Nearterm engagements are supported by Principals with successful hospital background. Their presence represents added value not typically found among other firms in their space.

St. Joseph Medical Center


Nearterm has been instrumental in helping us achieve record cash performance in recent months through their Remote AR Specialist Program. They have been great to work with and I endorse their services. Real professionals!

West Virginia University Hospital

Nearterm is my first call for healthcare business professionals when quality counts and time is of the essence.

Stanislaus Surgical Hospital

I have worked with other recruiters but Nearterm has been singularly exceptional at finding applicants who fit this organization and culture. They listen, and respond quickly with candor, courtesy and clear communication.

Nemours Children’s Hospital

About Nearterm

The Nearterm company is a team of renowned financial consultants, strategists, and healthcare revenue cycle management consultants.

We are prepared to go anywhere nationwide to address and meet client needs. Our turn-key process addresses any issue you face through interim management, executive search, medical coders and project staffing support for a 360° solution for overall financial performance improvement.


TAPC and HAAPC have recognized Nearterm for outstanding contract/temporary service in the Technical/Professional category.


HFMA award nearterm for medical staffing company
HAAPC awards nearterm for medical staffing company