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Nearterm Managed RCM Project Staffing Services

Revenue cycle management (RCM) is an important but labor-intensive part of running a medical practice. Billing is not a linear task for healthcare providers like it is in other industries. It requires the coding and submission of claims to clearinghouses and payers, and payments for the same services can differ depending on the payer. Claims need to be monitored so they can be revised and resubmitted. Managing the process as more and more claims are received can lead to backlogs and inefficient operations, which is why hiring a medical billing service is often an attractive option.

When it comes to ensuring the ongoing success of your medical organization, hiring the right medical coding professionals is vital. The handling and processing of sensitive medical data and keeping cash flow at optimal levels requires top-notch staff focused on knowledgeable and efficient claim processing. The success or failure of your medical practice will naturally depend to some extent on how well you are managing the flow of revenue.

A billing or coding backlog that challenges your manpower resources can put your cash flow at risk. Nearterm can rapidly deploy a professionally managed team of qualified technicians to eliminate backlogs or to backfill a special HIM or Revenue Cycle project.

Nearterm Staffing options can be for a specific functional area like medical coding, Medicare collections or billing. Or, they can be distributed across multiple functional areas including medical coding, auditing and/or accounts receivable depending on your needs. Either way, using Nearterm revenue cycle professionals either on-site and/or remotely are ready to serve your unique needs with strategies to find your next top-tier talent.

When you need experienced Healthcare Revenue Cycle Consulting, or Project Staffing Services and RCM Project Management, contact Nearterm online, or call us toll-free at 855-646-4668.

How RCM Project Staffing Works

One of our staffing professionals works with you to establish a skill-set, the scope of work, project details, staffing requirements, schedule and other related matters. All Nearterm needs is a brief orientation to your systems and procedural requirements (for coding or AR) before the commencement of production work. For remote work, Nearterm will establish remote connectivity with your systems. Our professionals will use your system as an on-site hospital employee, always in compliance with HIPPA regulations. Many hospitals and medical systems have taken advantage of this cost-effective model. We assemble the resources you need and arrange for them to be there when you need them, on-site or remote.

Healthcare AR Resolution Specialists Project Services

Our managed AR Specialists project team consists of experienced AR technicians, billers, collectors and other back-office professionals who are proficient with your system and have a clear understanding of Medicare and Medicaid processing requirements as well as those of most commercial payors.

Medical Coding & Auditing Project Services

For HIM/Medical Coding and Medical Code Auditing, Nearterm offers credentialed medical coders proficient in your systems. For the different types of Medical Coders available, see: Certified HIM/Medical Coders: Remote or On-Site PDF

As a managed revenue cycle project staffing services provider, Nearterm supplies qualified staff with 360° RCM Services solutions. Our project specialists are professionally managed, and their performance is measured and managed a Nearterm Partner in Charge (PIC). This is to ensure that they meet the service level quality requirements agreed upon with the client, as expressed in our Q100=Quality Assurance Program.

For our RCM Project Staffing Services & Management

Nearterm helps healthcare organizations meet their coding and coding audit needs as part of our overall 360 RCM Managed Services. Our national client base includes hospitals, clinics and other provider types that need coders and auditors who are credentialed, certified, vetted, professionally managed, and located in the United States. Nearterm coders are held to productivity and accuracy metrics that exceed industry standards.

In addition to the medical coding services, Nearterm also provides leadership, implementation support and project management services for all RCM activities and projects. We offer a comprehensive 360 solution from patient access to accounts receivable resolution. Nearterm resources can work from remote locations and/or on-site, whatever your organization requires of them. Contact us for a consultation and quote for our RCM managed services today.